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Clontarf Beach State School plays an important role in the local community by being involved with neighbouring community organisations and as having close association with our local schools. It is an active participant in the Peninsula Education Precinct, with local state primary and high schools, which focuses on providing opportunities for our students to become dedicated and distinctive community members.  

Clontarf Beach State School is an integral member of the Peninsula Early Learning Strategy (PELS) where local Early Childhood Education Centre educators are supported by state schools to provide quality education for our Peninsula early learners. 

Our Chaplaincy program reaches out to community via supporting students and parents of the school. 

Clontarf Cares is an altruistic school initiative where students actively support and fundraise for those less fortunate than themselves. In 2018, our Clontarf Cares committee and our Senior Leaders raised over $10000 for others, including purchasing a $5 000 blanket warmer for the local cancer ward at the Redcliffe Hospital, multiple large hampers for The Breakfast Club at Redcliffe, funds for drought relief, a set of permanent soccer goals for the students and funds for the CBSS Chaplaincy program. 

The school's Student Leadership Team is nurtured via partnerships with School Aid (CEO Mr Sean Gordon OAM), Peninsula Student Leader Program (run by Deputy Principals from our local state schools) and Lego Serious Play (facilitated by Dr and Mr Wayne Chalmers) 

Clontarf Champions is a mentoring program, creating connections for students with supportive adults.  This initiative is supported by the Clontarf Beach Baptist Church. 

Clontarf Beach State School Community Playgroup operates each Monday morning, supporting and nurturing early learning in our 0 – 5 year olds.  Our Chappy is supported by local Qld Health nurses and Uniting Care staff who regularly visit our Mums and Bubs.   

We believe in a constructive and enthusiastic culture based on mutual respect and cooperationAt Clontarf Beach State School we foster our Clontarf Culture, where all members of the community strive to become Clontarf Stars - Safe, Tolerant, Academic, Respectful and Supportive. Clontarf Beach has an explicit improvement agenda which involves all stakeholders. The school is proud of the achievements of all members of our community.   

At Clontarf Beach State School we aspire to be world class, ensuring all students are succeeding through continuous growth and the diverse opportunities we offer to develop the inner potential of our students. Through innovative practice we strive to equip our students with skills for success in a rapidly evolving future.  

Programs and Opportunities

Clontarf Beach State School offers a diverse range of learning opportunities for students.   

  • We have a well-developed core curriculum focused on eight learning areas: English, Mathematics, Human and Social Sciences, Science, The Arts, Technology, Health and Physical Education and Languages Other than English (Japanese).  
  • P-6 Clontarf Culture program targeting skill development for quality citizenship, understanding and enacting the school values: safety, tolerance, academics, respect, support and personal wellbeing.  
  • Academic Development Programs for high achieving students including partnership programs with local high schools, online extension programs eg Impact and individualised programs. Extension programs with our local state high schools for Year 6 students.   
  • Clontarf Beach State School embraces information technology throughout the school including STEM, Coding and Robotics, as well as all students having access to IPads, laptops or notebooks.   
  • Enrichments to school routine through camps (P-3 in school Twilight camps and Yr 4-6 off campus camps), excursions, incursions and visiting performances. These are planned to enrich particular units of work and learning skills.  
  • Japanese is taught to students in Years 5 and 6.  
  • Swimming lessons are part of Health and Physical Education (HPE) for all students in Term 4 and Yr 1-6 students in Term 1.   

Clontarf Beach State School encourages children to participate in a wide variety of extracurricular programs in addition to the regular curriculum. These include:  

  • Senior Leader Program commencing Semester 2 Year 5  
  • School choir  
  • Instrumental music program  
  • School Concert Band  
  • String Ensemble  
  • Interschool sport competitions  
  • Lunchtime, before and after school interest clubs (gardening, arts and craft, board games, athletics, coding, robotics, yoga, dance)  
  • Visiting user-pays programs with our partners, such as Swimming lessons and Squad, Busy Beats (dance), Intuitive Art, Stage Stars, EON Tennis and Auskick 

Clontarf Beach State School provides incoming Preps with a comprehension transition to school program, including parent information sessions, enrolment, and transition sessions designed for Pre-Preps to participate in a variety of fun, hands on activities in the Prep classrooms with the Prep teachers. These sessions are designed to give the children a ‘taste’ of Prep at Clontarf Beach State School.  All our Pre-Prep students receive ‘take home’ goodie bags as a memento of their sessions. Our staff also do Kindy visits to the local Early Childhood Centres, giving the kindy kids a taste of dance, robotics and craft and reading activities.   

Clontarf Beach State School also works with Clontarf Beach State High School and Redcliffe State High School to provide quality transition to high school programs for our senior students in Yr 6, allowing them a seamless journey from primary to high school.   

Last reviewed 20 August 2019
Last updated 20 August 2019