Clontarf Beach State School endeavours to provide extracurricular opportunities for students within the school, before and after school and during lunch breaks. Care is given when choosing these opportunities to ensure activities are engaging to stimulate students' creativity, intellects and physical and emotional wellness and are enjoyable. Some activities are provided by the school and others by outside partners of the school all efforts are made to keep the cost of opportunities reasonable.

During Term 3 students have had the opportunity to participate in a variety of clubs and new opportunities are released each term.

Robotics Club and Code Club are run before and after school. A variety of robots in Robotics club to design and create projects.  This includes Bee Bots, Blu Bots, Dash, Lego WeDo, Spheros and EV3. Regular club challenges, run each term, give students the opportunity to work in pairs or teams on collaborative projects.  Students use iPad apps and computer software to learn how to code the different robots using visual, block and script programs. Parents are invited to the Robotics Club showcase at the end of each term so their children can share their leaning and projects they have been working on. 

Throughout the year, there are opportunities to enhance our learning both at in school events and events hosted by other schools.  Students who are part of the Robotics Club can participate in regional competitions such as RobOlympics, Book BOT challenge, Robocup and Sumo.  

In partnership with Robotics@QUT we host regular events such as our whole school Robot Maze Day and Family Robotics Fun Day.  The QUT Ambassadors often support our students as they learn how to use new technologies. Teams of students can also enter the global First LEGO League Junior and First LEGO challenge competitions held annually towards the end of the year.  


Junior Code Club is an introduction for junior students to start coding using the free Scratch Jnr app on iPads to learn how to create simple animations and make visual stories.  This program introduces students to visual block programming. Students regularly have the opportunity to share their projects with parents and peers as they take their learning into the classroom.  Students in Senior Code club learn how to program using Scratch and Kudo.  Self-guided and directed projects develop student knowledge and understanding of blockly and script coding. Students learn how to program games and animations using Scratch. Using Kudo Lab students are able to create their own basic video games. Parents are invited to the Code Club Showcase at the end of each term parents can join their children as they share their leaning and projects they have been working on during the term. Code Club students participate in Coding Challenges and competitions throughout the year. The QUT Ambassadors often support our students as they learn new programming tools and participate in regional challenges. In partnership with Robotics@QUT we host regular events such as our whole school Hour of Code. 

Clontarf Beach State School staff also offer Games Club (oval games), Yoga, Choir and Dance Troup.

Gareth from EON tennis provides outstanding tennis lessons onsite and is developing the great talent at our school from Monday to Friday.

Busy Beats is a dance program that delivers fun and energetic dance lessons to students and also Hip Hop lessons for male students, under the guidance of Alyssa from Busy Beats Fitness and Dance. These are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Red Music Centre provides Stage Stars Musical Theatre, introducing students to the wonders of musical theatre, aspiring to create confident and inspired performers.

Chrissy Foreman a local intuitive artist provides an intuitive art program, inspiring our students' to be creative in creating colourful and expressive pieces of art.

Last reviewed 04 September 2019
Last updated 04 September 2019