Student leadership


Leadership is a quality that is valued at Clontarf Beach State School and the school's Student Leadership Program endeavours to develop a student's abilities to work within teams, build relationships, identify and achieve tasks and recognise and display effective communication skills. These skills are an invaluable proficiency for high school and beyond.

All students in Year 5 and Year 6 at Clontarf Beach State School are invited to undertake the Clontarf Beach State School Leadership Program. Students who successfully complete the program are presented with a badge that they are eligible to wear in recognition of their achievement. Student Leaders are expected to fulfil responsibilities during the course of their final year of primary school. 

Students are required to meet the following criteria for selection:

  • a willingness to further develop leadership skills
  • Clontarf Star behavioural level at all times
  • very high level of personal presentation – always wears school uniform with pride (including following hair and jewellery rules)
  • willingness to commit to and participate in school activities including desire to work behind the scenes
  • regular attendance at school

To apply for other leadership positions in the school e.g. School Captain, Music Captain or Sports Captain; students must first be successful  at achieving their Senior Leader badge.  It is expected that students wear their badge with pride at all times. Badges will be surrendered in the event of noticeable misbehaviour at school or on the way to or from the school. Clontarf Star level must be maintained at all times.  Uniform and attendance standards must also be maintained. Students may negotiate the return of a surrendered Senior Leader badge through the Administration team, Captain's badges will not be returned if surrendered. If a Senior Leader has to surrender a badge for a second time, it will not be returned.

To be a Senior Leader, students need to demonstrate the values below:

1. Clontarf Star – I am safe:

I follow staff directions
I follow transitioning rules
I demonstrate appropriate behaviour in the playground.


2. Clontarf Star – I am tolerant:

I show care and consideration for others
I am a good listener
I work well with others


3. Clontarf Star – I am academic:

I complete class tasks on time and to the best of my ability
I am punctual and prepared for learning  each session
I am an active class member


4. Clontarf Star – I am respectful:

I treat others with respect with my words and actions
I am a bucket filler
I wear the CBSS uniform in the correct manner at all times


5. Clontarf Star – I am supportive:

I am an active anti-bullying supporter
I encourage and support others
I show fair play and sportsmanship 


6. Clontarf Culture:

I attend school consistently 
I use initiative
I know the words of the School Song and National Anthem and sing these with pride

I am a committed member of

  • Clontarf Cares
  • Choir
  • Band or String Ensemble
  • Interschool Sports attendance
  • Play Helper, Library helper etc.
  • Other _________________

Last reviewed 08 August 2019
Last updated 08 August 2019